sexta-feira, 6 de novembro de 2009

Kas Product

Mona Soyoc (voz e guitarra, piano)
Spatsz (sintetizador e caixa de ritmos)

Antes de conhecer Spatsz, Mona trabalhava numa banda de jazz. Formaram os Kas Product em 1980 e acabaram 10 anos depois.
“ Gorgeously provocative duo of Mona Soyoc and Spatz who released a couple of singles on their own punk label, then signed to RCA which seemed a remarkably odd union, which produced two blindingly brilliant albums, 'Try Out' and 'Bypass' that found the haunting, mad vocals hemmed in by and stretched out over the alternately boiling/icy keyboards, the shattering chatter of arching/dive bombing guitar and stabbing electronic rhythms.” - Mick Mercer

Fonte: French New Wave, Blog Systems Of Romance, Blog Fantasmi Macchina


«Mind» (1980) EP
«Play loud» (1980) EP
«Never come back» (1982) SP
«Pussy X» (1982) SP
«Try out» (1982) LP
«By pass» (1983) LP
«Loony-bin» (1984) MAXI
«Ego eyes» (1986) LP
«Peep freak» (1986) SP
«Black & noir» (1990) LP

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