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Frank (Just Frank)

Paris, França.


Chris (Anthem),
Kirti (KD).

Chris é de New Jersey e Kirti de Nice, conheceram-se numa Escola Internacional na Riviera Francesa. Numa entrevista dada pelos FJF à Fact Magazine, Kirti falou um bocado a sua musica e a banda.

“We met in school in the south of France as young teenagers, and bonded over a shared interest in what we considered ‘extreme music’. It started with simple rock and metal bands, but rapidly turned towards death and black metal, of which there was a strong scene in the area where we grew up, and in parallel also post-punk and 80s pop. I think the blending of these two currents led us to Frank (Just Frank); we thought there was an almost visceral energy in post-punk which resonated well with the musical approach of extreme metal bands. Frank (Just Frank) basically just started with the intention of playing dreamy post-punk inspired by Depeche Mode and The Cure, but with a ‘no compromise’ approach borrowed from underground metal.
‘Brutal wave’ was coined for the reasons I’ve just outlined: ‘brutal’ is a prefix derived from the metal vocabulary, one used to describe the sound of bands putting a bigger emphasis on the the ‘extreme’ aspect of their sound – hence metal fans will make a difference between death metal / black metal / grindcore and brutal death / brutal grind. This jargon, and an understanding of the musical nuances it described, was like second nature to us when we grew up: the fact that Deicide was death metal as opposed to Cannibal Corpse which was brutal death, was the kind of self-evident fact that we based our early musical knowledge on. Since we were trying, with Frank (Just Frank), to play post-punk (i.e. ‘wave’ music) with this underground metal edge, the term ‘brutal wave’ came very naturally.”


«The Brutal Wave», (CD, Album), Wierd Records, 2010
«Split» - Frank (just Frank) / Soviet Soviet, (12"), Mannequin, 2010

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