domingo, 25 de dezembro de 2011


Kiel, Alemanha


Alexander Schmidt,
Oliver Gnass,
Tine Warmhold


«Sisyphos», 1990
«Wonderful Day», Not On Label (Also Self-released), 1992
«The Void Is Calling», No Control Torture, 1993
«Cold Rooms», Not On Label (Also Self-released), 1994
«Vincent Price's Favourite Torture Songs», Not On Label (Also Self-released) 1995
«Wraiths», Not On Label (Also Self-released), 1997
«Fragments and Illusions», 2001

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3 comentários:

  1. Hello and happy New Year.

    Thank you for sharing this good info & music stuff.

    I am looking for Albums/tracks from the group "ALSO". Especially for the album "Cold Rooms".
    Is it possible to send me an alive link in order to download this Album or more?

    thank u in advance

    1. Happy New Year Acheron!
      Thanks for your words!
      The links are old but I have at least one album at home. When I have a little time I will make a new link. I warn you and you can do the download.
      Greatings from Lisbon see soon.

  2. Nice.
    Thanks for the quick response.
    I am looking forward for your new msg :)

    Maybe we will keep contact via LastFM.